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Bio-Regenerative Therapies.
Nature’s way of looking after you

PRP Rejuvenate is a specialist service representing a range of regenerative biotechnologies in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

Our focus is on providing advanced tissue regeneration technologies and supporting the specialist clinical utilisation of Biodynamic Autologous Biotherapies such as concentrated Platelet Rich Plasma [cPRP] biotherapies for a broad range of clinical conditions, including advanced wound care, as well as tissue repair and tissue regeneration.

We partner with a network of clinicians who are expert in the use of the Arthrex Angel® and ACP Regenerative Biotherapies and its production of Platelet Rich Plasma with its uses across a wide range of tissue and wound healing conditions for both cosmetic and medical applications.

We work with clinical experts to provide a comprehensive range of autologous biotherapies for patients and support specialist clinicians by providing on-site training, procedural certification and preceptorship programmes, designed to transfer skills and improve patient access to innovative specialist Biodynamic Biotherapies.

The Arthrex Angel® and the ACP Systems provide unique technology that enables rapid fractionation of the patient’s blood and the isolation of concentrated Platelet Rich Plasma [cPRP] containing growth factors, cytokines and chemokines that are essential for normal wound healing and indicated for use in chronic wound management, and tissue repair.